Monday, July 28, 2008


This poster marks the first official piece completed for my new partnership with artist Ben Tegel. Our design studio has been dubbed 21st Century Filth! Not only will we be doing client based work, but we will be spewing forth stickers, shirts, posters and other non-commissioned work for your consumption.

Here is Ben's original sketch:

Here are my inks and type:

The final color scheme was made by Ben.


Faust Haus said...

You filthy bastids

jack raffin said...

haha, imagery!
real good inks/cleanup too.

Bob said...

Hi Brian, ima fan of your blog and I just got illustator and I was wondering if you had any tips about the purposes of each brush tip in illustrator. When I experimented with the program yesterday I noticed that the marks from the oval tip brush were significantly different from the flat tip brush tool and I was curious if you have any advice concerning the line quality of each brush. I'm sorry if my wording is unclear, but I do appreciate any advice you got to give.